Artwork price certification: 09 Aug, 2020

Artwork price: NOT CERTIFIED

IOX coefficient: NOT CERTIFIED

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  • Min.  not certified

  • Basenot certified

  • Max. not certified


  • Title: Tutto chiuso tranne il cielo

  • Type: pittura

  • Year: 2020

  • Width: 60,00 cm

  • Height: 120,00 cm

  • Technique: Acrylic

  • Support: Canvas


  • IOX coefficient:   350    not certified

  • Goi


  • How many prizes or awards the artist won?

  • I don't know

  • How many exhibitions did the artist make?

  • I don't know

  • Have the artist's artworks has been exhibited at art fairs?

  • I don't know

  • How many catalogs or monographs are dedicated to the artist?

  • I don't know

  • How many private art galleries treat the artist's artworks?

  • I don't know

  • Are some artworks by the artist in private or public collections?

  • I don't know

  • Have some of the artist's artworks been sold in official auctions?

  • I don't know


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